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A world leader in the franchising segment

Caring, Honesty, Commitment, Integrity, Honour, Trust, Respect, Accountability, Reliance...

Our commitment starts at the top, from head office personnel to masters to franchisees to store staff. International Franchise Inc. acts as the franchisee’s hands on partner and provides the ingredients for success – the taste, the product, innovation, training and merchandising. But, without question, the individuals selected to join the system give the brands that extra dimension.

The company, positioning itself as a significant global player in the frozen dessert category, ensures that it stays at the cutting edge of new product development and allows it to quickly take advantage of new trends and patterns in this sector. We offer a wide range of possibilities for customizing a frozen dessert shop for a particular market. Whether we combine all of our products into a “superstore”, or tailor your store to meet particular market needs (a combination of just two or three concepts), your franchise will be a perfect fit for your local market, attracting the maximum number of customers.

The company's focus is truly global with mature growth already established in North America, Asia and South America. The company, while continuing to grow the mature markets, is also looking towards aggressive growth plans in Central America, the Middle East and the European market.

Many things work together to make the companies of International Franchise Inc. leaders in the frozen dessert market.

Join us and be a part of our growing family!