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America's Favorite Ice Cream Since 1948

The first Swensen's Ice Cream Store opened at the corner of Union & Hyde in San Francisco in 1948, and a new American Icon was born. Founder Earle Swensen knew he could succeed if he gave his customers three things... quality, quantity, and value for their money. His recipes called for using only the finest ingredients and exacting ice cream making techniques. By good old fashioned trial and error, Earle Swensen developed a perfect blend to ensure that Swensen's customers would get the maximum taste from each and every flavor.

But the key to lasting success is keeping up with the times. Over the years Swensen's has recognized that America is changing the way it indulges itself as more and more folks are becoming conscious of their diets and modifying their lifestyles accordingly. We felt that shouldn't have to mean sacrificing the fun of eating Swensen's Ice Cream, so we developed a whole line of lifestyle products that still give our customers all the delicious taste they've come to expect at Swensen's. So, if you have a special dietary concern such as fat and cholesterol, we think we've got a product just for you. Just ask your server for an information pamphlet.

And don't forget to stop by our take home counter and pick up a hand packed pint or quart of your favorite Swensen's Ice Cream. It's the perfect treat for an enjoyable evening at home.

Swensen's Around The World

Today, we're proud of the fact you can enjoy these award winning frozen desserts across the United States as well as in many foreign countries and still growing. If you appreciate great ice cream and other frozen desserts, and all the good times you associate with the memories, then keep on coming to Swensen's. You'll find we're still delivering the best quality, quantity, and value for your money no matter what currency you're used to!